Hiking around the Vosges waterfalls

A must-see waterfall in the Vallée des Lacs, Saut des Cuves is a natural site where the River Vologne cascades over large granite boulders in a succession of waterfalls.

Saut des Cuves is a true natural gem in the Vallée des Lacs, offering an unforgettable hike amidst majestic waterfalls. Nestled in the Vosges mountains, this enchanting site features a series of spectacular waterfalls where the La Vologne river tumbles down among imposing granite boulders. The beauty of these successive waterfalls is breathtaking, offering visitors an impressive natural spectacle.

A walk along the trail allows you to admire the power of the water and recharge your batteries in the heart of unspoilt nature. Saut des Cuves is a must for hikers in search of breathtaking scenery and moments of tranquillity in the heart of nature.